Saturday, December 18, 2010

Math Tubs

While visiting and, I saw some WONDERFUL ideas for some Math tubs.  I recently attended a Math DI workshop and they discussed the idea of the growing trend of guided Math.  This is a great way to give my students additional practice on concepts we are covering or have covered in Math and give me time to do some reteaching or enrichment.  While I'm not sure I could do these tubs daily (this year!), my plans are to have a Fun Friday and use the tubs at that time.  Here's what I came up with and used this week while I was completing end of the quarter testing:
(Some of the ideas were found at the above listed blogs!)
Pattern blocks.  I found some patterns online for my students to copy.

Racing Bears.   This is a game from a previous Math series that I couldn't bear (no pun intended) to part with.  Students roll a die and move a bear counter up trying to capture a tile.  They love it and never get tired of it.
A gumdrop counting and color word game that was a companion activity to our gumdrop graphing we did earlier in the week.

Candy Cane patterning.  Students create a pattern using paper squares then copy and extend their patterns on the recording sheet.  I am going to revamp the recording sheet next year and ask students to tell me what kind of pattern (AB, ABB, AABB, etc.) they created.
Mitten number 0 to 10 sequencing.  It was actually an assessment for our grade card so I had the students take their supplies to anywhere in the room to work.  They cut out the mittens and glued them in order left to right on a sentence strip.


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