Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Literacy Centers

Well, I am home today with strep throat.  NEVER EVER had it before and it's not anything I ever hope to have again!  I'm using my time wisely and getting caught up posting all the cool learning activities we have been doing since coming back from Christmas Break.

We have been doing Literacy Work Stations since the end of November.  We started out with two students in a work station and slowly added stations until everyone was working with a partner.  I used that time to do some reteaching and begin my DRA testing for small reading groups.  All activities cover familiar skills that the students have previously covered in class.  I change my activities out monthly.

Here are the new activities my students have been enjoying since returning from break.  Many of these ideas I have gotten from other blogs and for the life of me can't remember where.  When I find out where they are from, I will certainly give them credit!
Listening Center
Write the Room.  This month, words are on snowflakes posted around the room.  They are catching a "blizzard of words".
Beginning sound snowmen.  They "catch" a snowman, decide the beginning letter is then color over that letter on their recording sheet.  We had a similar one in December with the Gingerbread Man and they loved it!
Playing card Addition.  The students draw two cards, count the symbols then record their math sentence.  One of those "procurred" activities".
Stamp and Write.  We had a LONG discussion about how to use these materials appropriately.  I've had problems with this station in the past.  So far, so good!
Magic Snow sight word bottles.  There are tiny penguins in the bottle with sight words written on them inside the bottle filled with salt.  Students search for words then record them on the sheet.
Build a Word Snowman.  My students have taken a sudden interest in building words so I created this for them.  There is a CVC picture on the snowman's belly.  They build the word using letter tiles then write their word on the recording sheet and draw a quick picture of the word beside it. 


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